About Us

Surmer aims to offer everything you need for a perfect family beach holiday. The one-stop destination stocks premium beachwear, footwear, hats, bags, sunscreens and SPFs, sunglasses, vitamin doses, first-aid kits, beach umbrellas, sand plaything, and whatnot! Precisely, the whole lot of pre-holiday wardrobe essentials! Finding you all things beachy is our mission.

With a sense of belonging that a child looks for in their mother and father, Surmer brings out imitation designs to make the family look alike. Be it the father-son/mother-daughter duo or vice-versa, our beachwear calls for a picture-perfect family vacation.

Bringing together high-quality fashion, we believe that a happy holiday is all about wearing top-grade fabrics that make you comfortable in your skin. Our extensive collection of beach apparel, accessories, and more are crafted to ensure you feel fabulous by the shore!